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Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

That’s what single mom Kimberley Kendrick wants to show her teenage daughter by becoming an accountant. The journey has been long, but Kimberley will soon graduate from Arkansas Baptist College with a bachelor’s degree.

Kimberley became a mother the year after she graduated from high school in the mid-2000s. At the time, she was enrolled in college classes but dropped out shortly after her daughter’s arrival. Caring for an infant, working, and studying was too much.

But with time, Kimberley figured out the balancing act and decided to reenroll in college. She had more motivation than ever before to create a stable life for her daughter.

Kimberley received her first scholarship from Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund in Fall 2018. That same year, she graduated with an associate degree from the University of Arkansas-Pulaski Technical College. And in a few weeks, she’ll receive her bachelor’s degree in accounting.

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After graduation, Kimberley plans to become a CPA. She enjoys accounting because of the many specializations the in-demand career field offers.

While taking classes, Kimberley worked full-time, using her scholarship check for school and household expenses. And despite living a busy life raising her daughter, she made sure to attend workshops to take full advantage of ASPSF’s wraparound services.

Recognizing her determination and motivation to create a better life, ASPSF has named the Pulaski County mom as the April 2023 Student of the Month.

“I’m so proud of Kimberley and everything she’s accomplished,” ASPSF Program Manager Keisha Smith said. “She has worked so hard to become an accountant. I know she’ll go far with her degree.”

If you’re on your way to college, you might be confused with the many courses being offered. Choosing one can give you a headache, but if you already know what particular career you want to pursue after college, you will not have much difficulty.

Observe the trends in the job market. The medical field hires a lot of competent people every year, and the demand for medical professionals is still increasing at present. Even those who already have a career are looking for ways to join this particular field.

Nurses are badly needed. The demand for nursing graduates is growing. Health agencies and other services are looking for highly trained and qualified nurses. That is probably why many students are attracted to this field.

The primary problem that most students encounter before they go to college, especially with a nursing course, is funding. Though this field is very much in demand, not all aspiring nursing students are able to graduate because of financial problems.

Public colleges which offer nursing courses can cost you around $14,000 a year; and if you want to attend college in a private university, the cost can reach as high as $30,000 a year. And to think that the tuition fees increase every year. You can just imagine how much it’s going to cost you if you want to graduate with a nursing degree. Kimberley plans to become a CPA

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