Prof. Colleen Chien and W. David Ball co-authored a paper, “Proving Actionable Racial Disparity Under the California Racial Justice Act.”

Prof. Colleen Chien published an article, “Distinguishing & Predicting Drug Patents.” 

Prof. Colleen Chien contributed a comment, “In Praise of Inequality,” to a symposium on Orly Lobel’s book, “The Equality Machine.”

Prof. Colleen Chien’s scholarly efforts were cited multiple times in a letter from Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee to the USPTO expressing concerns about low patenting rates by women, people of color, and others.

Prof. Colleen Chien testified before the Committee on Revision of the Penal Code about the California Racial Justice Act based on her work with Paper Prisons. 

Prof. Stephen Diamond published an article, “The ‘Corporate Governance’ Myth.”

Prof. Eric Goldman posted an article, “A SAD New Category of Abusive Intellectual Property Litigation.” 

Prof. Sue Guan posted an article, “The Rise of the Finfluencer.”  

Prof. Pratheepan Gulasekaram posted an article, “The Second Amendment’s ‘People’ Problem.” The article was reviewed by the Originalism Blog.

The International Human Rights Clinic published a “toolkit” to “defend environmental human rights in the Americas through existing norms and jurisprudence from the Inter-American System & … the Escazú Agreement.” 

Prof. Lisa Kloppenberg did a Portia Project interview discussing her relationship with, & biography of, Judge Dorothy Nelson. 

Deans Laura Lee Norris and Eric Goldmanevaluated Santa Clara Law’s Tech Edge JD Program after 4 years, including what worked, what did not, and why. 

Prof. Kerry Macintosh published “Dobbs, Abortion Laws, & In Vitro Fertilization.” 

Prof. Michelle Oberman published an essay, “One Florida Case Shows How the U.S. Became a Rogue State on Abortion.” 

Prof. Tyler Ochoa published a preliminary analysis of Trump’s copyright lawsuit against Bob Woodward and Simon & Schuster. 

Prof. David Sloss’ book, Tyrants on Twitter, was named one of 8 finalists for the American Bar Association’s 2023 Silver Gavel Awards for Media and the Arts.

Prof. Gary Spitko posted an article, “Arbitration Secrecy.” 

Prof. Tseming Yang posted an article, “Old and New Environmental Racism.” 

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